Choose an intensive or semi-intensive course of between 6 and 3 hours per day tuition for 3, 5, 6 or 14 days. We will design your  course programme based on a thorough needs analysis, a grammar test and telephone assessment. The emphasis of our courses is on effective communication, rapid improvement of fluency, as well as understanding of the appropriate business etiquette. The training includes discussions, vocabulary expansion, listening and reading comprehension, roles plays, grammar exercises, presentation skills – depending on your individual requirements.

Your training will not stop at the classroom door, but will include the whole of London as your training ground. Going on bespoke field outings with your trainers will provide real-life experiences and useful intercultural insights into different customs and behaviour.

What’s special about us? In addition to your individual tuition you will meet a variety of specially-selected hosts for lunch or dinner, a pub crawl, gallery tour or club. This is an opportunity to practise your small (or big) talk with many Londoners who come from a variety of countries (UK, Australia, India, EU, etc) and professional backgrounds (acting, architecture, banking, business, law, etc). You will learn to ‘tune in’ to different accents and understand more about multicultural life in London.

We are happy to assist with information including reservations for accommodation, travel and cultural events.

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